A Dental Prosthetic Could Be What You Need

When you experience protracted tooth pain or even tooth loss as an adult, it can mess with your whole lifestyle. Consistent pain is frustrating, and you may have to avoid foods that you once loved to eat. On top of all that, there’s the self-conscious attitude that always comes with having a missing tooth. You just want everything to return to normal. In this case, a dental prosthetic could be exactly what you need. Dental prosthetics — in the form of bridges and dentures — create life-like replacements for severely damaged or missing teeth. They also restore much of the function of your original teeth, you can enjoy the lifestyle you once cherished.

How Do Dental Prosthetics Work for You?

Prosthetics are fabricated by your dentist using precise measurements of your mouth. That means that your dentist is accounting for the size and shape of the teeth being replaced. Taking all of this information into account, you’ll end up with a prosthetic that fits around your other teeth and feels comfortable. That’s important. Your dental prosthetic is a long-term fix, so you want it to feel just right.

When to Choose Which Dental Prosthetic You Need

Dental bridges are created by fixing a series of replacement teeth between two dental crowns that fit over the healthy teeth that bookened the missing teeth. When you have a series of missing teeth in one place, a dental bridge is the right fix. If you have teeth that aren’t missing in sequence, or if your tooth loss is extensive, dentures and partial dentures are the right prosthetic for you. Dentures can often be combined with implants to create an even stronger prosthetic fix.

Talk to Your Dentist About Prosthetic Options After Tooth Loss

Your dentist can offer consultation and help you determine which prosthetic option is best for you after tooth loss. At the end of the day, it’s all about getting the function and appearance of your teeth back. Dr. Schmidt and The Austin Dentist team can give you the guidance and quality care you need when recovering from tooth loss. Make your appointment with The Austin Dentist in Austin, TX by calling 512-328-1500 today.


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