Get Your Dental Crown Done Today

There are so many reasons why you should proceed with restorative dental treatment as soon as you know you need it. Restorative dentistry repairs and restores damaged teeth to give you back the look and function of your smile. Recovery from tooth decay can’t begin until you treat the problem, and once you receive your […]

Keep Your Teeth Safe This Summer

Keeping your teeth safe and healthy is a year-round job, but things definitely heat up during the summer. Outdoor picnics and barbecues often come with a selection of sugary beverages. Lemonade, soda, and spritzers become extra tempting as the temperature climbs. These drinks, while tasty and refreshing, come with added risk for your teeth. Sugary […]

Sleep Apnea Can Be Dangerous

Snoring is annoying for everyone involved. The person with the snore doesn’t want to be a source of irritation for those around him or her. The people listening to the snorer are often driven mad by the volume and cadence, having to sleep in another room at times. No one wants to snore, and yet […]

Bruxism Presents an Unwanted Grind

Even if you’ve never heard the term “bruxism” before, you’ve definitely heard of grinding your teeth. It’s something you may do periodically as a reaction. When you’re stressed or frustrated, you may grind your teeth for a moment. While this behavior isn’t particularly destructive in a given instance, over time, it can create significant wear […]

Gingivitis Poses Serious Risks

When it comes to your health, you’d do anything to minimize risks. That’s why you go in for preventive checkups and make healthy lifestyle choices. You want to preserve your health and enjoy life to its fullest along the way. If you’re making an effort to brush your teeth twice daily and floss regularly, you’re […]

Teeth Stains Happen and that’s Okay

If you’re a person with a radiant smile that feels comfortable opening up in any setting, congratulations! For the rest of us, our smiles could use a little bit of help. That’s because your teeth take tons of wear and tear over the course of your life. It’s totally natural for them to show some […]

A Dental Prosthetic Could Be What You Need

When you experience protracted tooth pain or even tooth loss as an adult, it can mess with your whole lifestyle. Consistent pain is frustrating, and you may have to avoid foods that you once loved to eat. On top of all that, there’s the self-conscious attitude that always comes with having a missing tooth. You […]

Braces Without Any of the Hassle

That’s the dream, right? Everyone wants a straight smile that looks great in the room, as well as in photographs. However, in order to realign your teeth, that most often means six months to three years of braces. You may get discouraged by the thought of having to deal with this extra element of home […]

Dental Fillings Can Save You a World of Hurt

As a kid, you learn that cavities are a bad thing. You want to avoid cavities at all costs, and that’s why you brush and floss your teeth. Maybe you had run-ins with cavities as a child, or maybe you’ve been able to avoid them. The truth is, cavities are only the start of tooth […]

It’s the Right Time for Your Next Dental Exam

Once you’ve made it out of school, you may be happy to put your days of exams behind you. However, some exams are life-long undertakings. Case in point: your dental exams. These exams aren’t about taking a test, but rather, making sure your future dental health (and your teeth themselves) stays bright. A dental exam […]