Braces Without Any of the Hassle

That’s the dream, right? Everyone wants a straight smile that looks great in the room, as well as in photographs. However, in order to realign your teeth, that most often means six months to three years of braces. You may get discouraged by the thought of having to deal with this extra element of home care for such an extended period of time. Or maybe you get self-conscious about the idea of having metal work in your mouth during social occasions. Modern dentistry offers some awesome alignment options that don’t come with any of these added stressors. If you’re ready for braces without any of the hassle, clear aligners are right for you.

The Benefits of Clear Aligners Are Numerous

Since clear aligners offer the obvious benefit of being discreet, you may assume that you’ll be compromising in other areas by choosing this cosmetic option. However, that’s not the case! In fact, clear aligners offer many benefits that traditional braces do not. For instance, the aligners are made out of plastic, not metal, so they’re more comfortable. Further, they’re aligners, which means they’re not bonded to your teeth, so you can remove them to eat the foods you enjoy.

Clear Aligners Produce the Same Effect as Braces without the Esthetic Hassle

Of course the major advantage that clear aligners offer is there discretion. Your clear aligners will be produced to match the curvature of your teeth, so they sit naturally on top of your teeth while applying gentle pressure to bring your teeth into alignment. You’ll wear the aligners in sequence, periodically trading each one out for the next in the series, all while your teeth steadily fall into alignment.

Talk to Your Dentist About Clear Aligners Today

Don’t let the idea of braces keep you from achieving the smile you desire. Explore options for clear aligners to discreetly straighten your teeth. Dr. Schmidt and The Austin Dentist team provide a full range of dental services, including cosmetic braces. Talk to the experts about how clear aligners could improve your smile today. To set up a consultation, contact The Austin Dentist in Austin, TX at 512-328-1500.


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