Dental Fillings Can Save You a World of Hurt

As a kid, you learn that cavities are a bad thing. You want to avoid cavities at all costs, and that’s why you brush and floss your teeth. Maybe you had run-ins with cavities as a child, or maybe you’ve been able to avoid them. The truth is, cavities are only the start of tooth decay. Of course you want to prevent cavities if you can, but if you do end up with one, it’s best to treat it right away. Receiving a dental filling for your cavity now can save you from a world of hurt later on. If left untreated, cavities can lead to tooth loss, the need for a root canal, or in some cases, gum disease. If you notice a cavity in your mouth, address the problem with your dentist right away.

Dental Fillings Clear a Cavity and Strengthen the Vulnerable Tooth

A dental filling seeks to restore your tooth to full health. If you do have a cavity, your dentist will remove the bacteria from your tooth. Then, he or she will fill the remaining hole with a dental resin (or other material if you so choose) to prevent bacteria from getting inside the cavity once again. This strengthens and protects the weakened tooth. While avoiding cavities altogether is best, a dental filling is still better than the alternative.

You Could Be in for a World of Hurt if You Pass on a Dental Filling

You may already know this, but tooth decay only gets worse over time. If you have a cavity, “waiting it out” will never work. The bacteria in your tooth will only continue to make its way toward the interior of your tooth. When bacteria invade the interior of your tooth and your gum line, you could develop an abscess, dental carie, or periodontitis. These problems require restorations and treatments that are much more involved than a simple dental filling, so don’t let it get to that point.

See Your Dentist About a Dental Filling Promptly

If you notice a cavity in your mouth, or if you simply haven’t visited the dentist in some time, make an appointment. The Austin Dentist is here to help you with any and all dental service needs. Dr. Schmidt and his professional staff will ensure you get the right treatment on a timely schedule. To make an appointment, contact The Austin Dentist in Austin, TX at 214-328-1500.


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