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If you have visited another dentist and received a treatment plan that you are unsure about, we’d be more than happy to see you for a free consultation and second opinion. Our team can assess the results you’ve already been given and give you our recommendations for your smile – free of charge! A second opinion can give you peace of mind and help you determine what treatment would be best for your budget and your smile. If you are in search of a second opinion on your dental treatment, call Masterpiece Smiles today to set up a free consultation! We look forward to giving you the care that you deserve!

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What Others Are Saying

“Dr. Schmidt is an excellent dentist! The staff is always so kind and professional! I typically do not like going to the dentist. I always feel like my lack of flossing will incite some sort of lecture, which inevitably makes me feel terrible about myself. This is NOT the case with Masterpiece Smiles. I always feel completely comfortable with no judgement! Every time I am in for a cleaning I feel so welcomed and at ease. It seems silly but I feel like everyone remembers me when I come in, which is much different from what I have experienced at other dental offices. Love this office!”

– Rebecca R., Google

“My husband, my son and I have been seeing Dr. Schmidt for 19 years. We have had the utmost care from this dentist and his staff. He has not recommended services that we do not need but will put options out there if we are interested and educate us on possibilities. The staff has always been very courteous to us. I would recommend Dr. Schmidt.”

– Carla T., Yelp