It’s the Right Time for Your Next Dental Exam

Once you’ve made it out of school, you may be happy to put your days of exams behind you. However, some exams are life-long undertakings. Case in point: your dental exams. These exams aren’t about taking a test, but rather, making sure your future dental health (and your teeth themselves) stays bright. A dental exam is a biannual check-in for your dentist. It allows him or her to offer a thorough cleaning and check your teeth for any structural problems. Don’t worry, it’s easy to pass. Just maintain a strong brushing and flossing routine at home! If you’ve been holding off, or you’ve simply forgotten to book an appointment, now is the right time to schedule your next dental exam.

Why Schedule Your Biannual Dental Exams and Cleanings?

You may wonder what the reasoning is behind dental visit schedules. Well, a biannual exam and cleaning gives your dentist the chance to check in at a regular interval and spot any potential problem areas before they become significant issues. The cleaning portion is also very valuable for the health of your teeth. Your hygienist can use professional tools that offer a better clean than you can administer at home. Plaque buildup eventually erodes enamel, so it’s nice to have the help of a pro in getting rid of this pesky bacteria.

Preventive Dental Exams Can Save You Money and Hassle in the Long Run

The major reason for scheduling preventive dental care is the same as scheduling preventive maintenance for your vehicle. If you invest a little bit of time and money (many dental insurance plans cover twice-yearly visits!) regularly, you’ll be much less likely to end up with a more costly and involved problem like the need for a dental bridge or implants. You always feel better about your car after you’ve had an oil change, right?

Schedule Your Biannual Dental Exam with Dr. Schmidt

Dr. Schmidt and the rest of the staff at The Austin Dentist are ready to provide you and your family with the highest level of care. The Austin Dentist provides a full range of oral health services, and even orthodontic services, in the same building. If you haven’t been in for an exam and cleaning in some time, what are you waiting for? Book your dental exam with The Austin Dentist today by calling the office in Austin, TX at 512-328-1500.


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