Keep Your Teeth Safe This Summer

Keeping your teeth safe and healthy is a year-round job, but things definitely heat up during the summer. Outdoor picnics and barbecues often come with a selection of sugary beverages. Lemonade, soda, and spritzers become extra tempting as the temperature climbs. These drinks, while tasty and refreshing, come with added risk for your teeth. Sugary drinks coat the surfaces of your teeth. This provides the bacteria in your mouth with an extra dose of food — food they use to make acid that wears away at your enamel. You don’t want your summer to be sullied by cavities and tooth decay! That’s why it’s time to take extra care to keep your teeth safe.

Minimize Your Sugary Drink Intake, and Brush Your Teeth Accordingly

While brushing your teeth twice daily is the standard prescription for good oral health, you can modify your schedule to reduce risk. If you partake in a particularly sticky, sugary snack or drink, you may want to brush your teeth soon after. Again, sugar provides food to the bacteria in your mouth. The longer you let this bacteria consume sugar and produce acid uninhibited, the greater your risk of suffering tooth decay. By brushing your teeth after consuming sugary substances, you disrupt the bacteria and keep cavities away.

Make Sure You Schedule Your Biannual Dentist Appointment

It can be easy to push back dentist appointments when the schedule gets busy (or to pass on booking them altogether), but this is a big mistake! Your biannual checkup and cleaning is a valuable time for your dentist to check in with the state of your oral health. He or she can provide advice on problem areas in your mouth, or spot places where you might not be brushing as well as you should.

Keep Your Smile Sparkling This Summer with The Austin Dentist

If you’ve been holding off on your biannual appointment, now is the time to act. Talk to The Austin Dentist to get your oral healthcare on track. Dr. Schmidt and his team provide a wide range of dental services, not the least of which are checkups and cleanings. To make your appointment with The Austin Dentist, contact the office in Austin, TX at 512-328-1500.


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