When TMJ Troubles Interfere With Dental Functions

Biting, chewing, and speaking are all important functions, but you may not think much about them on a typical day. However, if you begin to experience painful issues related to your jaw joints, these practices can become difficult, and uncomfortable. Many people develop problems with these joints over time, for varying reasons. The problem, commonly referred to as TMJ dysfunction, can be a serious intrusion on your daily life. Your dentist can help you reduce the stress on your jaw joints, and recover from pain. If you have related issues with teeth grinding, they can also help put a stop to this, before it leads to serious dental damage. (more…)

Quiz: Treatments That Can Make Your Smile Brighter

Cosmetic dental care can help you achieve a dramatically whiter smile, something many people would appreciate. Individuals looking to improve the color of their teeth often resort to store bought products, only to find that the changes they see are less impressive than they looked forward to. With a professional whitening treatment, your dentist can make remarkable improvements. Both the in-office and take-home professional whitening treatments available to you are able to boost your smile’s brightness by many shades. It should be noted that if you have internal problems affecting the color of your tooth (something referred to as intrinsic discoloration), a different cosmetic treatment can be recommended over whitening. (more…)

Modern Restorations Can Blend In With Your Smile

The idea of cavity treatment can be upsetting to patients, but many common concerns can have little to do with the modern approach to restorative dental treatment. One particular fear can be that your smile will be altered by the presence of your restoration. What you should know is that the materials used to create dental fillings and dental crowns can actually fit in neatly with your teeth. When you need to address tooth decay, make sure you set an appointment as soon as possible. Waiting for treatment will leave more time for a cavity to grow, which will lead to more permanent damage to your tooth. (more…)

Take Time To Discuss Your Snoring Problem With Your Dentist

Ignoring a snoring problem can put a strain on your relationship. If you want to find a way to treat this problem, you should take the time to address it with your dentist. Snoring occurs because of a partial blockage of your breathing passages by oral tissues and muscles in your throat. Basically, the sound you produce is the result of air being pushed past that blockage. With a sleep guard, you can make sure this blockage does not occur. The guard provides an adjustment that will keep your airway clear. This can also serve as a way to treat obstructive sleep apnea, without resorting to a CPAP machine. (more…)