Our Patients Are Our Family!

We welcome patients to The Austin Dentist office with a welcoming atmosphere and a caring, compassionate staff. During your initial visit, Dr. Schmidt and our team will take the time to get to know you personally, and to speak candidly about your dental hygiene and health.

During your examination, Dr. Schmidt will perform a visual inspection and utilize advanced digital imaging technology for a detailed look at your teeth and jaw structure. If you require further dental treatment, then he will consult with you personally, and thoroughly explain your options for treatment. Our team of dental experts will also work closely with you to evaluate your current dental hygiene practices, and suggest where and how to make improvements, if necessary.

Before your visit, be sure to explore our website further to download and print out patient forms, read through our patient reviews, and visit our smile gallery for examples of smiles that we’ve helped create!

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At The Austin Dentist, our philosophy is to provide the gift of service to everyone, and to create rewarding, lasting friendships with all of our patients. We offer a comprehensive list of dental health services in a beautiful environment, where you can receive the care you need from an intelligent, cheerful, patient-centered team. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Joseph G. Schmidt, contact The Austin Dentist in Austin, TX today by calling (512) 328-1500.