Gum Contouring Reshapes Your Gum Line

Gum contouring involves reshaping your gum line by trimming away excessive, uneven gum tissues. Though your teeth may be more noticeable than your gums, the tissues that outline them play a significant role in your smile’s appearance. If your gum line is not straight and even, it can make the rest of your smile seem asymmetrical. Gum contouring improves your smile’s symmetry by creating a straighter, more attractive frame for your teeth, and is often combined with other cosmetic services to affect a complete smile makeover.

Gum Contouring Without Surgery

Traditionally, gum contouring involves surgically trimming away gum tissues with a scalpel. Though minor, the surgery can still require sutures for healing, and patients often choose to undergo dental sedation before the procedure.

For more comfortable treatment and quicker healing times, Dr. Schmidt employs radio wave technology that allows him to perform gum contouring without traditional surgical methods. The radio wave technique minimizes pressure and eliminates bleeding, as well as the need for sutures afterwards.

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