Minor but Impactful Tooth Bonding/Contouring

Like all dental treatments, cosmetic smile enhancement is a customized procedure designed according to your specific needs. Tooth bonding and contouring describe two relatively minor procedures that aim to change your tooth’s appearance without drastically altering its structure. Bonding means to apply a tooth-colored composite resin to the tooth, and then sculpt the resin to match the tooth’s shape and contour. By contrast, contouring describes gently reshaping the tooth by smoothing edges and sculpting away small areas of tooth enamel.

How Bonding/Contouring Reshapes Your Teeth

Even small changes to one or more teeth can have drastic results for your entire smile. By bonding composite resin to a tooth, Dr. Schmidt can non-invasively correct a chipped or cracked tooth, hide noticeable gaps between teeth, or hide discoloration that cannot be erased with teeth whitening. Unlike dental crowns and porcelain veneers, bonding does not require the removal of healthy tooth structure. Contouring is the opposite of bonding, and is achieved by lightly sculpting the outer layers of a tooth that is too large, or that has one or more jagged edges.

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