Restorative Benefits of Tooth Extraction

As the name suggests, tooth extraction is the process of removing a tooth from your dental ridge. Though usually a last resort, the procedure may be necessary if no other restorative treatment can save it, and it poses a threat to the rest of your oral health. In some cases (such as impacted wisdom teeth), surgical tooth extraction may be necessary to remove the threat without causing additional harm to the surrounding teeth, gum tissues, and/or jawbone.

When Tooth Extraction is Necessary

The first step to restoring your smile is to perform a thorough examination to assess the damage and decide which procedures are most beneficial. If your tooth can be saved with a tooth filling, dental crown, root canal therapy, or other treatment, then extraction may not be a viable option. However, if none of these options are adequate, then the tooth can become a liability, and extraction will be necessary. Common reasons for tooth extraction include:

  • A tooth that is too damaged to support a dental crown
  • A cracked/fractured tooth root
  • An impacted wisdom tooth (meaning the tooth cannot fully erupt)
  • A tooth infection that has spread beyond the root canal
  • A previously restored tooth, if the restoration fails

To preserve your bite function and your smile’s complete appearance, Dr. Schmidt will discuss your options for replacing the tooth before you undergo your procedure. With the exception of wisdom teeth, tooth extraction can leave a discrepancy in your bite pressure, and restoring it (preferably with a dental implant) will help reestablish proper balance.

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